Cornerstone Construction offers a wide range of INDUSTRIAL services including the following:


General Construction

  • Carpentry; rough-in and finish
  • In Plant Offices / Prefab wall systems
  • Alterations and renovations to offices, cafeterias, restrooms, etc.
  • Flooring/Ceramic, Laminate, Hardwoods
  • Exterior Finishes: Doors/Siding/Handy-cap ramps
  • Concrete placement and finishing
  • Machine and Building foundations
  • Driveways, aprons, sidewalks, curbs


  • Installation and removal of machinery and foundations
  • Conveyor systems and Racking
  • Cranes/ jibs, bridge, monorail
  • Process Piping- Air, Water, Gasses, Hydraulic, Steam
  • Fabrication and installation of commercial and industrial exhaust systems
  • Installation of new and repair piping. (copper, steel, PEX, pvc)
  • Installation and erection of light structural steel
  • Hand and Guardrails, Mezzanine and storage areas
  • Pipe and structural steel welding